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The Indago team has worked tirelessly with dozens of law enforcement agencies around the world to identify violent crime suspects and victims, bringing justice to families.  Many of these cases were deemed "unsolvable" at one point by the media and the agencies themselves.  Perhaps that would have remained the case without the latest advancements in identity resolution.  Here are just a few of the stories where the Indago founders worked directly with law enforcement to bring justice for victims and their loved ones, demonstrating the tremendous power of this new technology.

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A Decade of Terror Finally Comes to an End

The Indago Founders led the team that started the Genetic Genealogy revolution.  Unsolved for 43 years, we figured it out in 63 days and set the foundation for law enforcement's next superpower to bring justice to crime victims worldwide. 


At Least Seven Women Still Look Over Their Shoulders

Chris VanBuskirk broke into womens' homes and waited for them to return.  He wore a mask and put a knife to their throats before savagely raping them.  The Indago Founders worked with San Diego PD to finally bring him to justice. 

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A 5-Year Old Didn't Make It Home For Dinner

Siobhan McGuinness was a bright light to all she encountered in Missoula.  For 46 years investigators tried everything to figure out who kidnaped, raped and murdered her.  After being stabbed in the heart and bludgeoned, she was left for dead in the Montana snow.


He Threatened to Rape and Dismember Her and Her 5-Year Old Daughter

For 12 years "Freddy Krueger" sent letters to Eva Larue and her young daughter Kaya threatening unspeakable acts. She moved, and time and time again he found her.  The threat intensified when "Freddy" called Kaya's school and impersonated her father in an attempt to lure her outside. 

Eva and Kaya.png


She Left the Restaurant Alone After a Fight With Her Husband

Leslie Penrod Harris was a beautiful young woman who had just moved to Southern California with her husband.  Nobody imagined the terror she endured could have been inflicted by a man who took an oath to protect our nation.  


He Raped and Murdered Two Women. Then We Found This at His House

For 39 years nobody could figure out who kidnaped, raped and murdered Selena Keough and Mary Duggan.  On the day Horace VanVaultz Jr. was arrested, investigators were shocked to find photos of other potential victims throughout his home.  VanVaultz  was the first person to be charged and convicted in Los Angeles County through the use of Genetic Genealogy.  

Van Vaultz Photos of multiple women.webp


"He Was the Kind of Monster I Feared the Most"

William Blankenship stalked and surveilled multiple women and young girls before breaking into their homes, binding them and raping them. He was the reason women locked their doors at night in Northern Kentucky for decades. 


A Noise in the Basement

It was 9:00pm on a Friday night in a small town north of Madison, Wisconsin.  Keith Wolf and his wife were at home watching television with their daughter when they heard a noise in the basement.  Keith went downstairs to investigate, and would never see his family again.



She Left to Buy Pencils. She Ran Home Naked. She was 9-Years Old. 

Kevin Konther tried to blame his twin brother after abducting and brutally raping a woman and a 9-yearl old girl from a walking trail in Orange County, California in the 1990's.  It would be decades before technology and dogged detective work would provide an answer. 


Valentines Day in Carlsbad, CA

Jodine Serrin was a beautiful young woman with special needs.  She was only 39-years old. Her parents were mortified to walk into her apartment in 2007 and witness something no parent should ever have to see.  

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Fawn Cox.jpg

She was only 16-Years Old.  No One Thought Her Cousin Was Capable of Such Brutality

Fawn Cox had her whole life ahead of her when she was asleep in her second-story bedroom in July of 1989.  The quiet neighborhood just east of Kansas City, Missouri would never be the same again. 



Indago CEO Stephen Busch gives an exclusive interview at the International Symposium on Human Identification in Orlando, Florida giving insight into the roots and mission of Indago, along with some perspective on the power of this new technology.

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Jerri Williams.jpg

Indago President Steve Kramer and CEO Steve Busch sit with down with FBI Crime Fiction Author and True Crime Podcaster Jerri Williams for an exclusive podcast.  

Success Breeds Success. 

Let's get this technology into the hands of the people that need it, and take the "serial" out of "serial killer/rapist."

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