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Predictive Genetics

Who would have thought that the process used to catch a serial killer like Joseph DeAngelo, could also be used to catch a killer like CCM2, a deletion in the genome that causes a life threatening weakening of blood vessels in the brain.  Much like the process to catch serial killers, companies are already doing the "long division" form of this to trace these genetic mutations, but it's not enough.  Indago's ability to extrapolate relationship from one genetic carrier through public records provides healthcare companies the ability to identify potential victims even before a nanogram of their DNA is analyzed.  

Genetic Components of Disease

Nearly all diseases have a genetic component and many are inherited, including some cancers. The assessment of hereditary conditions can be used for an individual’s risk of disease, analysis of a population’s disease risk, and for preventative and personalized medicine. 

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Prediction at Scale

With the exponential growth of genetic data from researchers and direct to consumer genomics companies, Indago has the ability to aggregate the genotypic data with public records (and electronic health records) to trace genetic disease and mutations beyond the database to predict such traits at scale in populations enabling cost-efficient use of medical testing and the discovery of genetic vulnerabilities much earlier than routine checkups.

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