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The Human Race Just Got Faster


Helping DNA Find Its Identity

Tens of millions of people throughout the world have provided their DNA to consumer genomics companies and to researchers and academia to learn about their ancestry, their relatedness to others, and to find medical issues hidden in their genome. At the same time as this massive aggregation of DNA occurs, we are seeing an equally astonishing aggregation of public data – from social media, consumer records and digitizing of nearly every public record, including electronic health records.

Indago connects both bins -- the DNA and the public data – allowing users to find their answers in a direct, yet private manner. Whether that answer is the identity of a serial killer terrorizing a city or the genetic mutation plaguing a family for generations, Indago finds the answer with anonymized data that only the software “sees.” Centered at the confluence of finding answers and the protection of privacy, Indago provides the most comprehensive and effective solution to the identity resolution problem ever created. DNA illuminates the truth. Indago supplies the horsepower.

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