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DNA Strand

We are all connected.
Indago shows us how. 

AI Software that transforms how we identify people through public records and DNA.


Indago Solutions is the leading provider of cutting-edge Automated Identity Resolution software as a service, offering the only scalable solution for government clients and select healthcare providers to identify people from their DNA.  Founded by a team who started by solving a 43 year old mystery, today we offer smart, effective, repeatable solutions that save lives. 

Communication Tower

What We Do

Import DNA. Export Answers.

Indago starts with the Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) profile of a person.  These profiles are similar to the ones available at commercial genealogy sites like Through a series of algorithms and a fine tuned neural net, our SaaS platform will quickly tell our clients all of the people who are connected to the DNA profile, even those who have never taken a DNA test.   Whether you're looking to identify a rare brain mutation or a serial killer, Indago provides actionable data that produces answers.

DNA Chips

Why We Do It

Why does DNA need an Identity? 

Unfortunately our DNA doesn't come with a name attached to it.  While it is unique to each and every one of us, for a long time we couldn't do much with DNA when we didn't know who it belonged to.  This has produced some daunting problems that grow larger every day... 

Crime Scene Tape

Unsolved Homicides

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Genetic Disorders


Daily Border Crossings

Sad on Couch

Untested Rape Kits

Veteran Memorial Service

Unidentified Military

Where we're taking it

Industries we will revolutionize

Indago, Latin for "to hunt, or track down", was born out of necessity, not at a secret government off-site, or cyber laboratory, but at a kitchen countertop with two frustrated investigators trying to stop a serial rapist.  We were using an outdated Thomas Guide to find an address, when what we really needed was Google Maps.  If only somebody would create software that could replace our slow and antiquated methods...

We are that somebody. 

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